Hardwood Floor Samples

At Walsh Hardwood Flooring, we take pride in offering an extensive range of hardwood floor samples sourced from multiple renowned manufacturers. We understand the significance of providing a diverse selection of flooring samples, featuring various wood species and finishes, to ensure you have a tangible, hands-on experience of the available options. Discover more about the exceptional hardwood floor manufacturers we collaborate with below, and don’t hesitate to reach out or visit our showroom in Havertown, PA today!

Bruce: Prefinished Oak Dundee

Bruce Flooring

Find the Bruce hardwood floor that will transform your room. You’ll find a luxurious selection of beautiful floors in a variety of wood species, colors, surface textures, and specialty finishes. For a distinctive, one-of-a-kind floor, trust the top- selling brand of hardwood in North America: Bruce. Hardwood flooring can be an ideal flooring choice for just about any area of your home. Bruce hardwood floors are available in many colors and looks to match any style and decor. Browse our wood flooring to find wood floor that’s perfect for you.

Mullican Flooring

Since 1985, Mullican Flooring produces hardwood floors that truly stand out. Their attention to detail is seen in their manufacturing process: precision milling, advanced kiln-drying techniques, and strict inspection standards. With a long history of excellence, Mullican also focuses on producing environmentally friendly hardwood floors. Mullican does not stop there – they also go the extra mile to ensure that each plank of hardwood is stacked safely and appropriately. This prevents bending and promotes shape retention. In 2012, Mullican Hardwood Flooring moved one if its largest production plants from Asia to the United States – promoting “Made in America” and creating thousands of jobs. For competitive products on both unfinished and prefinished flooring, we recommend Mullican Hardwood Flooring.

Mullican: Nature Collection: Hickory Espresso

Armstrong: Prime Harvest: Oak

Armstrong Flooring

Thomas Armstrong started Armstrong Flooring in the 1860s on the idea “Let the buyer have faith.” Contrary to “buyer beware,” Thomas started a company where he prided himself in delivering quality products his customers could trust. Now based locally in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the products of Armstrong Flooring are found in 1,000s of homes, offices, and stores across America. With over 150 years of experience, Armstrong Flooring now promotes their latest and greatest technological achievements in the flooring industry – luxury flooring that stands the test of time and traffic.


Fusion Max
Fusion Hybrid
Fussion Enhance
Fusion Hi-Traffic

HEMLOCK Fusion Enhanced

Our Manufacturers

We can accommodate a large variety of manufacturers’ flooring products. If the manufacturer you require is not on the below list, we probably have done business with them before. Feel free to contact us to confirm that we can order the exact flooring you request. Otherwise, feel free to click on one of the below manufacturers to be brought to their website and view their sample flooring.

Hardwood Flooring Gallery

Hardwood Floor Samples 1

Armstrong: American Scrape Hickory Natural

modern studio with couches and chairs

Armstrong: Performance Plus Maple Natural

Hardwood Floor Samples 2

Armstrong: Prime Harvest Maple Solid Midnight Sky

Hardwood Floor Samples 3

Armstrong: Prime Harvest Solid Oak Butterscotch

Hardwood Floor Samples 4

Armstrong: Timber Brushed Cove Hollow

bedroom with fireplace

Armstrong: Woodland Relics Mixed Species Industrail Tones

Hardwood Floor Samples 5

Bruce: Distressed Wood Hickory Antique Natural

Hardwood Floor Samples 6

Bruce: Oak Dundee Autum Oak

Hardwood Floor Samples 7

Bruce: Scraped Wood Oak Autumn

Hardwood Floor Samples 8

Bruce: Traditional Wood Maple Cherry

Hardwood Floor Samples 9

Bruce: Traditional Wood Maple Cherry

Hardwood Floor Samples 10

Mullican: Astoria White Oak Sea Pearl

Hardwood Floor Samples 11

Mullican: Knobb Creek Hickory Saddle

Hardwood Floor Samples 12

Mullican: Knobb Creek Oak Saddle

Hardwood Floor Samples 13

Mullican: Muirfield Maple Bordeaux

Hardwood Floor Samples 14

Mullican: Nature Collection Hickory Espresso

Hardwood Floor Samples 15

Mullican: St. James White Oak Harbor Mist

Hardwood Floor Samples 16

Mullican: Williamsburg Park Oak Autumn