For more information on installations and upkeep from our flooring contractors, please check out the following Frequently Asked Questions.

How Long Does It Take?

Unless otherwise specified, most refinishing or installation jobs take between three and four days to complete. This time depends on the overall size and square footage. Prefinished flooring typically takes one to two days, and screen coats are a one-day process to refresh existing floors.

Is There a Lot of Dust?

As with any construction project, dust is inevitable. We go to great lengths to minimize the impact to you and your family. Before starting work, we prep your location. These steps include affixing floor to ceiling plastic at all doorways and openings around the work area. We also have a vacuum system to collect dust.

How Do You Clean & Maintain the Floors?

Due to their advanced finishes, our floors are easy to clean. We recommend using either Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner or Basic Coatings Squeaky Cleaner monthly. For routine maintenance, you can damp or dry mop the floor by using a hardwood mop with a microfiber cover. These products are available at your local home supply center. When vacuuming your floors, we recommend using the bare floor setting. Do not use any wet-mop or steam mops. Water and steam can dull the finish and even cause damage to the wood. It is also important to wipe up any spills immediately.
We do not recommend applying any type of cleaning solution that is designed for vinyl or tile flooring, or any product that contains wax. Wax creates a temporary shiny look, but dulls the floors finish, as it builds up on the surface. If an oil soap, or wax is applied repeatedly, the buildup will prevent a screen and coat treatment. A refinishing will then be required.
To minimize wear and tear on the surface, we suggest you apply felt pads to the bottom of all furniture. When moving furniture, do not slide it on the floor. It is best to pick up the furniture to avoid scratching. Avoid walking on the floors in cleats, the impact can cause dents in the flooring. Interior and exterior doormats will also minimize dirt and grit on the floors, preserving the finish over time.
To maintain the beauty of your floors we suggest cleaning monthly with a hardwood floor cleaner. A maintenance coat, or screen and coat, every 3-5 years and every decade a sand and refinish.

Are Estimates Free?

At Walsh, we offer free estimates on all projects. We schedule your estimate for a specific date and time. Because all projects are different, a member of our team will come to your location, measure, and discuss options. Within 48 hours of your appointment, we will send your estimate via fax, email, or standard mail.